History & Culture

Ethnic Groups

Burma is home to more than 135 different ethnic groups, each with its own culture, values, history and language. Besides the Karen, Minnesota has provided refuge to Karenni, Mon, and Chin people. Learn about these ethnic groups.

Karen History

The Karen have been under oppression in Burma for hundreds of years, with the tension reaching a high point after World War II. As a result, the Karen have fled to Thailand and resettled to third countries as refugees. Read about their history.

Karen Culture

Originating in Burma, the Karen have carried their cultural traditions and social norms to Minnesota and other countries throughout the world. Learn about Karen arts, celebrations, economy, education, family and relationships, food, health, language and customs, and religion.

Culture Presentations

KOM is proud to offer presentations on Karen history, culture and resettlement in the U.S. to community members in the Twin Cities. Find out more about upcoming presentations or schedule a presentation for a large group.

Additional Information

Although the Karen are a small ethnic group, there have been several resources published on them. Discover articles, books, videos, and news outlets capturing the life of the Karen.

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