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Welcome Corps: Info Session for the Karen Community

June 3, 2023 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

We have been receiving many questions from the community about the new Welcome Corps program, launched by the U.S. Department of State in early 2023.

From the Welcome Corps website: “The Welcome Corps is a program of the U.S. Department of State that empowers everyday Americans to welcome refugees arriving through the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP).”

As we continue to learn more about this new program, we have invited representatives from the Minnesota Department of Human Services and Alight to provide an information session about Welcome Corps to our community. They will give an overview of the program, talk about Alight’s role in supporting refugee sponsors, and have plenty of time for Q&A. There will be Karen interpreters at the event.

KOM က​ညီ​ က​ရၢ​မဲၣ်​နံၣ်​စိ​ထၣ်​ ဒီး​တၢ်​က​ရၢ​က​ရိ​လၢ​အ​ဆီၣ်​ထွဲ​မၤ​စၢၤ​အီၤ​ ဒ်​အ​မ့ၢ်​ ALIGHT, ဒီး​ Refugee Resettlement Programs Office ပှၤ​ဘၣ်​ကီ​ဘၣ်​ခဲ​တၢ်​သုး​လီၢ်​သုး​ကျဲ၀ဲၤ​ကျိၤ​အ၀ဲၤ​ဒၢး​ လၢ​အ​ဘၣ်​ဒီၤ​း​ Minnesota Department of Human Services မဲၣ်​နံၣ်​စိ​ထၣ်​ပ​ဒိၣ်​ တၢ်​အံး​ထွဲ​ကွၢ်​ထွဲ​က​မျၢၢ်​ဝဲၤ​ကျိၤ​ က​အိၣ်​ဒီး​တၢ်​ဒုး​နၢ်​ပၢၢ်​အါ​ထီၣ်​တၢ်​ဂ့ၢ်​တၢ်​ကျိၤ​လၢ​လာ်​တ​ဖၣ်​အံၤ​န့ၣ်​လီၤ​.

  • Welcome Corps အ​ဂ့ၢ်​အ​ကျိၤ​ကျၢၢ်​တံၢ်​
  • Alight အ​မူ​အ​ဒါ​ဘၣ်​ဃး​တၢ်​ဆီၤ​ထွဲ​မၤ​စၢၤ​ပှၤ​ကွဲး​မုာ်​တၢ်​ sponsors တ​ဖၣ်​
  • တၢ်​ဆၢ​က​တီၢ်​လၢ​ တၢ်​သံ​ကွၢ်​စံး​ဆၢ​အ​ဂီၢ်​

တၢ်​ရဲၣ်​တၢ်​ကျဲၤ​အံၤ​ဘၣ်​တၢ်​ဒုး​ကဲ​ထီၣ်​အီၤ​လၢ​ KOM က​ညီ​က​ရၢ​မဲၣ်​နံၣ်​စိ​ထၣ်​န့ၣ်​လီၤ​. ပှၤ​လၢ​က​က​တိၤ​ကျိာ်​ထံ​တၢ်​ဆူ​က​ညီ​ကျိာ်​အိၣ်​စ့ၢ်​ကီး​န့ၣ်​လီ​.

Please share this information session widely with members of the Karen community so they can learn about this program and ask any questions they may have.



June 3, 2023
10:00 am - 12:00 pm


First Baptist Church
499 Wacouta Street
Saint Paul, MN 55101 United States
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