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KOM will run a summer youth program for Karen and Karenni youth to provide academic, work readiness, and social support. The purpose of the program is to support social emotional learning development and to develop relationships that will be supported in the school year. Volunteers may facilitate group activities, chaperone field trips, provide transportation and more. There is also an opportunity to chaperone youth on an end-of-summer trip to Knyaw Camp, a camp organized by The Urban Village for Karen and Karenni youth and young adults to reconnect with their roots.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Activity and program support
    • Attend 1-3 sessions per week to facilitate relationship building
    • Help lead group activities and workshops (gardening and planting, summer camping, games, Muay Thai  and Brazilian Jiujitsu workshops, etc.)
  • Field Trip Chaperone
  • Knyaw Camp
    • Chaperone a weekend trip to camp as a culmination of their summer program, if able
  • Transportation
    • Help provide transportation to and from class sessions and/or field trips, if able

Time commitment: 

Available to help at least 2 hours per week and commit to at least 3 weeks (doesn’t have to be consecutive). Volunteers can sign up to help as field trip chaperones or to provide transportation only. Program schedule: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 12 p.m. – 4 p.m., June 25—August 16. (Friday programming will include offsite field trips to local “fun site” and time may vary slightly.)


Class sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday will be held at The Urban Village in Saint Paul (1082 Arcade St, St Paul, MN 55106), and Friday programming will include offsite field trips at locations to be determined.


Patient, flexible and self-motivated college students or adults who have a passion for supporting youth in their leadership development, as well as academic, cultural, and emotional learning. Volunteers who identify as Karen and/or Karenni, or have experience working within the Karen and Karenni communities are preferred. Volunteers from all backgrounds are welcome to apply.


Volunteers are required to log their volunteer hours through our online database, or report their hours to KOM’s Volunteer Coordinator on a regular basis.


The volunteer has the opportunity to enhance their cross-cultural communication skills, gain understanding of youth’s social and emotional needs, and be involved/connected in their community.

How to apply/contact: 

Please complete KOM’s Volunteer Application online or contact Suzanne Olive to receive a paper application. Volunteers will complete an interview to discuss their availability and interest. The volunteer will then complete orientation and the necessary forms, and be subject to a background check. The volunteer will then be connected with the Program Coordinator.

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