Mock Interview Volunteer

Name of agency and statement of purpose:

The Karen Organization of Minnesota’s (KOM) mission is to build on the strengths of refugee and immigrant communities and remove barriers to achieving economic, social, and cultural wellbeing.


The volunteer will assist our employment and career training program participants in preparing for job interviews. The volunteer will meet with students one-on-one to conduct practice interviews in the classroom during mock interview workshops.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Lead one-on-one mock interviews with students pursuing careers in various fields (human services, interpreting, trades, etc.) as part of a classroom workshop.
  • Some programs offer the opportunity to sit in on a group discussion before leading interviews to learn about common interview questions in certain fields.
Time commitment:

Volunteers will commit to 1-3 hour sessions, usually held on weekday mornings or evenings once a month or bi-monthly. Help one time, or stay on the list for future workshops. Volunteers are welcome to sit in on class preparation days or times before the workshops.


Most workshops will be held at the Roseville Adult Learning Center (in the Aŋpétu Téča Education Center building) 1910 County B Rd W, Roseville, MN 55113, or at the Karen Organization of Minnesota’s main office, 2353 Rice Street, Suite 240, Roseville, MN.


KOM is looking for adults who are friendly, patient and want to help emerging professionals prepare for interviewing in various fields including human services, interpreting, trades, and more. Volunteers must have experience participating in an interview and familiarity with many of the conventions of interviewing. Experience in cross-cultural settings or with English language learners is beneficial. Experience in interviewing and hiring in various fields is a plus.


This position offers an opportunity to work with a group of diverse students and learn about interviewing and hiring practices in various fields.

How to apply/contact:

Please complete KOM’s online volunteer application or contact Suzanne Olive, Volunteer Coordinator, to receive a paper application. The Volunteer Coordinator will then reach out to the volunteer to coordinate details for upcoming workshops and connect them to program staff.

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