Karen Club After-School Helper

Name of agency and statement of purpose:

The Karen Organization of Minnesota’s (KOM) mission is to build on the strengths of refugee and immigrant communities and remove barriers to achieving economic, social, and cultural wellbeing.


KOM leads afterschool programs at four Saint Paul Public Schools: Como High School, Harding High School, Washington Middle & High School, and Humboldt Middle & High School. These programs provide academic, cultural and social support for Karen youth. After-School Helpers can provide homework help for students, help with individual and small group projects, support games and activities, chaperone field trips, and more.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Tutoring:
    • Help middle and high school students with homework one-on-one or in small groups
    • Homework subjects vary by student, but include general high school courses (English reading and writing, History, Math, Science; could include Karen language class assignments)
    • Practice English reading, writing, or conversation with students who have limited English proficiency
    • Tutoring happens 1 hour per week
  • Project support:
    • Help students brainstorm personal projects and provide support to their project goals
  • Field Trips and Off-Site Activities
    • Chaperone field trips and activities, and/or help provide transportation
  • Other
    • Help prep materials for games/activities
    • Set-up/clean-up as needed
Time commitment: 

Available to help at least 2 hours/week during the afterschool program. Available times are from 3:00pm to 5:00pm, Monday through Thursday. The afterschool program runs from October – May, with some breaks according to the SPPS district calendar. Most helpful if volunteers can commit for the whole program year, however, some tasks can support one-time or short-term volunteers.


Volunteers will go to the afterschool program at their designated school(s) in Saint Paul. Saint Paul Public Schools requires screening forms to be completed for all volunteers and visitors on-site. Field trips and off-site activities are TBD, but will be in the general Twin Cities metro area.


Patient, flexible and self-motivated college students or adults who have a passion for supporting youth in their academic, cultural, and emotional learning. Experience working with people with limited English proficiency is beneficial. Volunteers who identify as Karen and who have some Karen language ability are preferred.


Volunteers are required to sign in and out at the start and end of their volunteering each day on our sign in sheet located in the classroom. Volunteers also have the option to enter their hours online.


The volunteer has the opportunity to grow their tutoring skills, enhance their cross-cultural communication skills, gain understanding of youth’s social and emotional needs, and be involved in their community.

How to apply/contact: 

Please complete KOM’s Volunteer Application online or contact Suzanne Olive to receive a paper application. Volunteers will complete an interview to discuss their availability and interest. The volunteer will then complete orientation and the necessary forms, and be subject to a background check. The volunteer will then be connected with the Youth Coordinator who leads the afterschool program.

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