Teaching the Elders about Public Safety

Elders sitting and participating in a workshop

Part of our Elders Program is to help the elderly in our community learn about what to do in an emergency situation. At the end of May, our Elder’s Program hosted a public safety workshop to help the participants have a better understanding of fire prevention, personal safety at home, natural disaster preparedness, and  more.

Overall the workshop was a huge success, with the majority of the elders expressing that they learned a lot from the workshop about public safety. They covered a wide range of safety skills including knowing what to do in an emergency situation, having an emergency kit, and reporting both emergency and non-emergency situations.

This workshop helped the elders to be better prepared for and more self-confident in their ability to handle an emergency situation. At the end of the class, all the participants received an emergency kit to help them get started with their emergency preparedness.

The elders enjoy a lunch together following the workshop.
The elders enjoy a lunch following the workshop.

To learn more about KOM’s Elders Program, contact Laymu Paw.

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