Staff Anniversary Milestones

Congratulations to our staff who have reached anniversary milestones working with KOM! This January, three KOM staff received plaques marking 10 years with the organization: Sawchritheh Sayoo, Eh Tah Khu (11 years in 2022), and Alexis Walstad.

Pictured (left to right): Sawchritheh Sayoo, Eh Tah Khu, and Alexis Walstad.

Seven more staff were recognized for working with the organization for 5 to 9 years: Sara Johnson, Nana Loo, Hta Thi Yu Moo, Julyna Loo, Ner Mu, Moses Moe, and Laymu John. Join us in thanking and congratulating them for all their hard work and dedication to the community.

Our 10 Year Staff

Eh Tah Khu joined the Karen Organization of Minnesota in 2011 as a Youth Development Coordinator. In 2013, he was promoted to Program Manager for Youth and Social Services. A few years later, Eh Tah Khu was appointed Co-Executive Director by the Board of Directors in February 2016.

Alexis joined the Karen Organization of Minnesota in 2012 as the Development Director. She was appointed Co-Executive Director by the Board of Directors in February 2016 following six months as Interim Executive Director.

Alexis Walstad and Eh Tah Khu pose as new Co-Executive Directors at KOM in 2016.

About their experience becoming co-executive directors, Eh Tah Khu said, “I did not plan to apply at the beginning, but the staff here at KOM and community leaders encouraged me to try. So I applied on the last day before the application closed. The interview process was very intense, so I wasn’t sure at that time if I would make it.”

After the first interview, all applicants had to give a presentation and answer questions from a large group of about 40 community members. The board’s final decision reflected the community feedback. Alexis Walstad said of the second interview, “We got to see how the organization valued community input, and at the same time, it was good to hear the community’s vision for KOM.”

Sawchritheh joined KOM in January of 2012 as a Social Service Coordinator. Thinking back to his first years at KOM, Sawchritheh shared, “When I started at KOM, I was very, very busy. We had a lot of new arrivals at that time… [now] even my first clients from 2012 will come back to KOM, and they will always ask to see me. If I am too busy that day, they say they will wait until my schedule is open.” Beginning in October 2019, he took on a new position at KOM as a Family Assister. He continues to help families and individuals find food support and housing, apply for health insurance, access transportation, and more.

Congratulations to Our Staff Over 5 Years

Many of our staff below have served in multiple positions at KOM over the years. Click on their names to learn more about them:

Laymu, Ner Mu, and Julyna at KOM’s 2016 Annual Gala

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