Snow Emergencies & Karen Speakers

It’s officially been the snowiest February in Minnesota on record. Both St. Paul and Minneapolis have declared multiple snow emergencies, and more may be on the way. Also, as of March 4th, St. Paul has declared a ban on parking on the even side of residential streets until April 1.

But what exactly is a snow emergency? What are the rules for snow emergencies? How are they different in St. Paul and Minneapolis? And how do you explain snow emergencies to family members who only speak Karen?

Getting ticketed or towed for breaking snow emergency rules is expensive. To help you and your family avoid this, watch the following video by ECHO-TV, “Understanding Snow Emergency (Karen)”. It covers the timeline for snow emergencies, parking restrictions at different times during snow emergencies, how to find out about snow emergencies, and answers other frequently asked questions — all in Karen. Below the video, KOM has also translated the St. Paul one-sided parking ban into Karen.


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