Meet Sam Vang!

We are excited to introduce our new Youth and Family Coach: Sam Vang. KOM is also excited to share other staff transitions.

Sam is a second generation Hmong American. He recently graduated from the University of Northwestern – St. Paul (UNWSP) with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. During his time at UNWSP, Sam co-founded the Asian Student Fellowship club, serving as its president.

Sam shares that in his free time he “loves to be active, play sports (soccer, football, basketball, volleyball), solve puzzles, and be competitive.” Sam is the oldest of three children and says that he is “definitely the favorite kid some days.” Sam loves to laugh and be around people, “I try to make other people laugh as well.”

Sam decided to work at KOM because of his passion for youth and people from Southeast Asia. “I have always wanted to work with youth,” Sam says. He also wants to eventually go overseas to work with people in Southeast Asia. “When I saw that KOM was looking for a Youth and Family Coach, I took a chance and applied for the position which combines working with youth and families that are coming from the Southeast Asia region of the world.”

Since coming to KOM, Sam has been busy helping walk-in clients. His time has also been spent working on learning and understanding the different administrative tasks that come with the job.

Sam says that he is most looking forward to working with youth and “being able to assist them in the best way possible.”

KOM is thankful to have Sam in this position! There have also been some internal transitions among the staff at KOM: Marner Saw is now responsible for the Elder’s program; Ner Mu is serving as a Youth Health Educator; and Nana Loo is also be working with Sam as a Youth and Family Coach.

KOM is excited to see our staff continue to work with the Karen community.

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