Marshall Spotlight: Health and Employment

During the monthly meeting in March, the Marshall office had two presentations: one about tobacco and the other about employment. One presenter had a lively discussion about smoking and chewing betel nut. The other presenter was the Human Resource Manager for Schwans, who talked with the group about accessing their employment opportunities.

Jen Nelson from Southwest Minnesota Health and Human Services presented on the danger of smoking and the negative effects of using tobacco. She also touched on the negative aspects of vaping and using e-cigarettes. When she started discussing the habit of betel nut chewing and its related health risks, the group had a lot to say. They talked about how it is a family and cultural tradition, and the challenges of giving that up.

The group also had many good questions for Beth Vanderpoel, the Human Resource Manager for Schwans. They brought up the challenges of applying and receiving information back from Schwans. Therefore, they decided to set up a common email account for people to apply online and hear back from the company.

Ron Skjong, Program Manager for the Marshall Office, said the March meeting was very productive and the community members were able to engage in meaningful discussions.

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