Farewell to Par Yei Say


After working at KOM for the past two years, we are sad to say goodbye to Par Yei Say. We were blessed, however, to be able to sit down with him for an interview where he shared about his time at KOM. (Click the link to download the interview or view on Facebook )

Par Yei Say has spent his time at KOM helping in various ways. During his first year, he was apart of Minnesota Opportunity Corps. His role consisted of “assisting clients in filling out paperwork, making phone calls, and helping them apply for health insurance.” Par Yei Say says that although after high school he initially worked for several companies, he couldn’t ignore the need he saw in his community. “I saw my Karen people everywhere and [that they] needed encouragement and guidance because they were new to this country…I thought maybe I should work for my community…and support my people with whatever service they need.”

While working at KOM, Par Yei Say says that he has most enjoyed “serving my people. It feels so great to be beneficial and useful to my community.” Par Yei Say also says that working at KOM has impacted his life in great way. He is thankful for the opportunity to have learned from both leaders and colleagues.

When asked what advice he would give to someone to interested in working their community, Par Yei Say stated, “My advice would be ‘alone, we can only do a little, but together we can do so much.’ Always remember that. Never hesitate to be there for you people if they’re seeking help.”

Par Yei Say’s hard work has been a blessing to so many of KOM’s clients and staff. We are heartbroken to see him go, but excited for the great things he will accomplish in the future!


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