Toe Lay

Toe Lay, Youth Case Manager
Phone: (651) 202-3118

Toe Lay, born in a Thailand refugee camp and raised by a single mother. She and her family relocated to the United States in 2013. In the fall of 2023, she successfully obtained a Bachelor of Social Work degree from Metro State University. The transition from Thailand to the U.S marked a significant shift in her life, presenting various challenges for both her and her family as they adapted to their new environment.

These formidable experiences and obstacles inspired her choice of major. Throughout her life, she harbored a desire to work with youth, particularly within her Karen community. Her dedication to addressing the challenges faced by refugee and immigrant populations propels her to contribute towards minimizing obstacles and promoting economic, social, and cultural prosperity.

Her passion extends to aiding those grappling with mental health challenges. She aspires to assume a role where her linguistic proficiency, cultural sensitivity, and unwavering commitment to community empowerment can significantly impact diverse lives. The position of Youth Case Manager at KOM immediately caught her attention, as it aligns seamlessly with her professional aspirations and personal mission to make a positive difference.

An interesting aspect of her personal preferences is a particular fondness for highly spiced cuisine. Additionally, she derives considerable enjoyment from engaging in outdoor activities. Her interests encompass various pursuits such as playing volleyball, hiking, and camping. Furthermore, she derives great satisfaction from socializing with friends.

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