Say Klo Wah

Say Klo Wah, Youth Case Manager

Phone: 651-253-3845

“My family and I moved to America from a Thailand refugee camp in 2011. In 2021, I graduated from Summit International School of Ministry, and went back to Thailand and Burma to serve my people. I have always wanted to serve people in any way I could, especially my people because I understand what it is like to live in the refugee camp, and the struggle of some people that live in the US without being able to speak English. I am grateful that I am a part of KOM because not only do I get to serve my people in Thailand and Burma, but I also get the opportunities of serving my people here at home.”

In Spring of 2023, Say Klo moved into a new position at KOM as a Youth Case Manager. “I am interested in the new role as a youth case manager because I love to work with youth. Since I moved to Minnesota, I’ve learned that so many young people here are using drugs, and that broke my heart. My goal is to walk alongside them on their journey to overcome their addiction. I want to help them set goals for themselves because I believe they can be whoever they want to be, but they just need someone to direct them to the right path. I want them to know that I am here as a friend and as a brother who cares for them,” Say Klo Wah shared with the KOM team.

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