Sawchritheh Sayoo

Sawchritheh Sayoo, Family Assister
Work Phone: 651-242-4591

Languages: English, Burmese, and S’gaw Karen

Sawchritheh Sayoo was born in Burma on December 24, 1968. He finished high school at Kaw Moo Ra High School at Huaykaloke refugee camp in 1999. He took English classes one year after finishing high school. After that he joined the KNU. He worked with the forestry department until he fled his country due to the Burmese Army attacks.

In 2004, Sawchritheh got a chance to move to the America with his family. His first job was working at Taste of Thailand restaurant when he came to the United States over 10 years ago. Sawchritheh has volunteered his time to help the Karen community as much as he can. He is currently a deacon at First Karen Baptist Church.

On January 9, 2012, Sawchritheh joined KOM working as a Social Service Coordinator. Beginning in October 2019, he took on a new position at KOM as a Family Assister.

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