Saw Lwin Si

Saw Lwin Si, Housing & Finance Navigator
Phone: 651-202-3105

Saw Lwin Si is originally from Burma, but fled to Thailand in 1974 because of the civil war in Burma. He graduated from a teacher training college in 1992. Saw Lwin has been working with the Karen community for education support along the Thai-Burma border for more than 20 years, and resettled to the United States in 2008. After resettling, he worked for a year and a half with Catholic Charities refugee service in the state of New Jersey.

Saw Lwin relocated to Minnesota in 2010 and worked with Minnesota Council of Churches resettlement as a case manager for 4 years. He shares, “I love to work with diverse communities because it’s fun to learn about many different cultures from other communities.”

“I love to engage with all communities because everyone has some good to learn, it’s helped me understand to respect others as they prefer. I worked with a Korean Immersion school as an office manager and community liaison for 6 years, supporting parents with their children’s behavior and academics. It’s good to help people overcome their barriers to make them achieve their dream.”

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