Pong Pop

Pong Pop, Youth Development Coordinator
Email: ppop@mnkaren.org
Phone: 651-202-3103

“My name is Pong Pop, I am Karen. I migrated with my family in 2006 and came to Minnesota. I want to be a computer engineer and I want to be able to help the Karen community here and around the world. In my free time I like to play the piano and tenor saxophone, and learn more about music. In the future, I want to be a dad. Just like a dad, I want to teach our students how to be leaders, I want to guide them on their own path that they choose. I want to give them opportunities and open their eyes to all the world has to offer, so they can do what they want in life. I want them to be able to dream and know that they’re capable of everything they wish to do. My favorite quote is, ‘light shines brighter in the dark.'”

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