MuMu Aye

MuMu Aye, Financial & Employment Resource Navigator


My name is MuMu Aye and I am a mother of two amazing boys. I was born in Moe Kee, Karenni State in Myanmar, and lived there until the age of 15. Due to the political instability and economic hardship, my family came to the Mae Ra Moe refugee camp, which is on Thailand – Myanmar border in 2006. I have advanced my education in a Teaching Training Program and became a teacher in 2009. In 2012 my family was blessed with an opportunity to resettle in the United States of America. I lived in Houston, TX for a year. In late 2013, I moved to southwest Minnesota’s small-town Marshall and continue to work and attended Southwest Minnesota State University.

In 2018, I graduated with a B. A in Sociology and I earned my MBA in Marketing in 2021. After living in a small town for years, I have decided to move up to a major city for changes and a better opportunity to advance my career. I took up a job at KOM as a Financial and Employment Resources Navigator. I believe my work experience with diverse communities in navigating community resources and my academic achievement will be a great contribution to this program. Recently, I attended Financial Coaching training in Indianapolis, IN, and started outreach in the community in Minnesota as well. I am excited to be part of KOM’s amazing team and I am looking forward to bringing my experience, knowledge, and passion to the people that I will be working with. My goal is to help individuals, or families become financially independent and live their American Dream. 

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