Mular Lerpwel

Mular Lerpwel, Youth Development Coordinator
Phone: 651-202-3119

Mular Lerpwel was born in a rural town in Thailand, and immigrated to San Francisco, California in 2004. She lived in California for 17 years before moving to Saint Paul, Minnesota in 2020. Currently, Mular is studying at San Francisco State University majoring in Liberal Studies. In the future, she wants to become an educator, teaching High School students in Earth Science. Mular says she is a big nerd when it comes to learning about the dynamics of planet Earth and its environment. During her free time, she likes to read or do word search puzzles.

Mular shares, “I decided to join KOM for the Karen youth of Minnesota, especially for the students who are starting their education in High School. I want to be a resource; [someone] that they can ask when they are having troubles with their education. I did not grow up with a big Karen community around me, therefore I want Karen youth to know that they are able to achieve a lot in this country. I understand that school is hard for some students especially when English is not your first language. As a youth program coordinator, I want to help Karen youth achieve their goals, and find their interests through education and research.”

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