Michelle Vohs

Michelle Vohs (she/her/hers), Office Manager

Email: mvohs@mnkaren.org

Phone: 651-202-3121

Michelle was born in a small southern town in Guangdong Province, China and came to Minnesota as a baby. Her adoptee identity within the Asian diaspora has shaped her world view and fueled her passion for advocacy and community organizing. She envisions change and growth through shifting power by reimagining community care and challenging systems of harm. Michelle believes social and systemic change begins by centering those most impacted and looks forward to improving the health and wellness of community members today and next generations. Healing generational trauma begins with us, our families, our communities, and our societal infrastructure. Everyone deserves care, love, and the ability to flourish, but these options are not always accessible for everyone. To create radical change, we must give ourselves grace and work toward positive systemic change for all. We are stronger together. Michelle aspires to bring wellness and positive change for Karen Organization of Minnesota’s community and organization and is excited to be a part of the team as their Office Manager.

Before pivoting toward community organizing and advocacy for her Asian community, she worked as a Native Bee Researcher for several years and attended the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities.

She practices radical rest and joy by hiking and exploring with her small dog, decolonizing her palate by cooking plant based Asian food, visiting with friends, thrifting and ice/roller skating.

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