Ku Gay Nahpay

Ku Gay Nahpay, Youth Career Development Counselor
Email: knahpay@mnkaren.org
Phone: 651-202-3129  Google Voice: (612) 568-2154

Ku Gay (KhuGhay) graduated from Bethel University in May of 2020 with a B.A. Degree in Social Work. She was born in Kanchanaburi, Thailand and lived in Tham Him refugee camp for 10 years before resettling to theUnited States with her family in 2007.

Ku Gay was actively involved in her Karen community throughout her high school and university years. She volunteered in her community and had a variety of leadership roles. She served as the Roseville Area High School (RAHS) Karen Club president for two years, was a Youth Leadership Initiative (YLI) Youth Mentor and participated in youth networking/community engagement summer programs through the Karen Organization of America. She has been trained and educated in how to advance advocacy work locally, nationally, and internationally.

Ku Gay recently interned at LEAP High School in St Paul as a school Social Worker. She is trained to provide culturally specific direct service to students. She has learned the importance of such things as self-determination, cross-cultural intervention, and networking. She knows how to advocate for and support students. Her mission is to advance youth career development by meeting students where they are at, understanding their needs, helping them set realistic goals and then advocating for them in the community as they pursue their career goals.

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