Hta Thi Yu Moo

Hta Thi Yu Moo, Program Manager for Social Services, & Weaving and Civic Engagement Coordinator
Phone: 651-202-3107

Hta Thi Yu Moo was born in a Thai refugee camp in 1994. She and her family moved to the United States in 2007 and settled in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The first month in Minnesota was like entering a new world for Hta Thi and her family.

In 2013, she graduated and got her high school diploma at Washington Technology Magnet School. She volunteered at KOM during her high school years. She learned a lot by helping others and gaining more experience which she built on as a Youth Development Coordinator at KOM starting in 2015. Then in 2017, she took on new projects as the coordinator for the weaving program and the civic engagement program. She is now also the Program Manager for the social service programs.

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