Hsa Eh Paw

Hsa Eh Paw, Receptionist

Hsa Eh Paw was born in a refugee camp in Thailand and resettled in Houston, TX with her family. Adjusting to a new language and culture was tough, but they came to the US for better opportunities and education. At KOM, she is grateful for the chance to help others and gain valuable experience.

Hsa Eh Paw wrote “I’ve decide to work at KOM because I believe KOM is the place in building community for better and helping out family and youth who are struggling and don’t know where to reach out to. Since I started workin at KOM as a receptionist I’ve got to meet family who comes for help in many different situation and KOM is the place for that. I’m looking forward to growing within the company, learning, experiences, helping the community and family who are in needs of help.”

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