Dar Sengkhammee

Dar Sengkhammee, Financial Coach
Email: dsengkhammee@mnkaren.org
Phone: 651-202-3108

Dar Sengkhammee is a former Hmong refugee from Laos.  He first arrived in the United State in 1976 and lived in Mt. Vernon, Ohio.  He, later, moved to Green Bay, Wisconsin in search of a career in 1982.  He had hopes to become a banker and took up a Business Administration-Credit program at a local community college while he volunteered as a bookkeeper and an ESL instructor for a non-profit organization.  Due to family obligation, he went to work for a papermill for a better income.

Fifteen years later, Dar found an opportunity serving as a refugee case manager with New CAP in 1995 working with the influx of refugees from Thailand, Somalia and Ukraine to the Green Bay area.  Working with refugees helped launch his career in 2009 as a consumer credit counselor amid the real estate market crash at the time.  This work was what he went to school for and ignited a passion to serve eleven years with two non-profit organizations.  He briefly went to work as a real estate agent and investor.  A highly competitive market would turn him back to do what he had experience in and join the Karen Organization of Minnesota.  Dar is happy to return to serving refugees as well as other American consumers at KOM as a Financial Coach.

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