Brooke Nelson

Career Development Counselor 


Phone: (651) 253-6330

Brooke Nelson grew up in Volga, South Dakota and graduated from Northern State University with a bachelor’s degree in English. Upon graduation, she moved to a small-town of 6 million people in rural China during which she taught spoken English courses to middle and high school students. She also volunteered with the elementary English Club, co-hosting themed game nights.  

Later, Brooke pursued a masters in Linguistics and TESL from the University of South Florida and began working as an Instructor of English, Reading, and Communication Studies with her alma mater, Northern State University. While there, she taught remedial reading and writing courses as well as introductory composition and speech to a diverse group of learners, including Karen students. It was in this role that she first learned of KOM and became interested in non-profit work.  

In her free time, Brooke enjoys learning random facts, such as German uses a circumfix (a combination of a prefix and suffix) to denote the past participle; entertaining her three pets, Leonardo Reginald Alexander Nelson XVII, Alan, and Ukulele; and exploring her new community in the Twin Cities.  

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