Ashley Daniels

Ashley Daniels, Youth Programs Manager
Phone: 651-202-3122

Ashley Daniels holds a Master of Arts Degree in Education and has been working professionally as a coach for the last four years. She has a passion for disability advocacy and especially for raising awareness on issues in schools for the disabilities community as an AuDHD (autistic and ADHD) person who also has non-epileptic seizures. Ashley is excited to combine her education alongside her passions for advocacy to help coach and work with her team and the students they serve to encourage and achieve student success.

In her time, Ashley is a proud member of the Mill City Running Race team where she has run 8 full marathons (26.2), and is training for her 13th half marathon (13.1) where she also serves as an ambassador for Grandma’s Marathon (Grambassador). Ashley has been a cat mom to Luna for the last 10 years, and she loves expressing herself creatively through art projects such as drawing and painting, and through creative writing, decorating cakes, endless puns, and singing karaoke.

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