Arwin Shamal

Arwin Shamal, Job Developer


Arwin is dedicated to helping refugees because it gives him a feeling of relief. As a refugee who also came to the US, Arwin understands what his clients are going through. Throughout his life journey from the high mountains of Afghanistan to the state of 10,000 lakes, from the military academy to KOM, he has put all his efforts into helping and supporting the people who need it. During his recent experience with employment services, Arwin helped over one-hundred Afghan refugees find jobs. One of his long-term goals is to help more refugees find jobs and stability in the community. It is tough to start life all over, but it is easier with the dedication to help.

It is a pleasure for Arwin to help and be a figure in helping others. Arwin believes that KOM has played a significant part in assisting refugees because he was one of those who received help. Arwin believes that everybody needs help at some point, and together we will be stronger.

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