Abedullah Babakarkhail

Abedullah Babakarkhail, Employment Counselor

Email: ababakarkhail@mnkaren.org 

Phone: 651-272-9281

Abedullah has completed his bachelor’s degree in business administration from Mashal University in Kabul.

He has worked closely with different communities across Afghanistan by coordinating their needs with relevant authorities and in wholesale, handing and distributing products to retailers and consumers. Additionally, he has worked as a supervisor in customer service for four years at Azizi Bank.

After moving to the United States, Abedullah started working in the Bakery Company as a Quality Assurance Officer. He was responsible to make sure the products were properly produced, the cleanness is taken care, and the materials used were not harmful to the people and society.

Abedullah loves serving and dealing with communities. Not only does this work give him the opportunity to work with people, it also gives him the chance to gain more knowledge about multi-cultural societies.

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