Thurein Zan

Thurein Zan, Community Health Intern

Thurein Zan lived a typical student life in Rangoon, Burma until 2022. He graduated from high school in 2016 and attended a university until the COVID-19 pandemic hit. In August 2022, He started studying Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in the US. However, in January 2023, He switched His major to a Doctor of Pharmacy at Cedarville University, Ohio, thanks to a full tuition scholarship.

Along the way, He has been a Duolingo English Test Instructor for Burmese students, a Music Theory and Piano Instructor for Burmese teenagers, and a freelance ESL instructor for five years. He has also been a member of the Health Screening Team for Project Yangon Community Health and a Content Writer and Proofreader for the Young Public Health Advocate Page. Currently, He is a Community Health Intern who aims to work with the Karen community in Minnesota to research and solve common health issues.


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