Mallika Sutaya

Mallika was born in Burma, after high school she traveled to Thailand as a refugee. In 2007 she moved to the US and attended Roseville Adult Learning Center. After graduating she pursued her education further at the Culinary Arts Foundation in St. Paul. Once she finished culinary school she owned and operated her own restaurant. Additionally she began helping Karen families work through the process of buying a home. A year later in 2019, Mallika decided to become a real estate agent. She aimed to continue helping the Karen community through the home buying process.

Mallika joined the KOM team as a board member. While on the board she aims to learn more about being on the board and how she can continue to help her community through KOM. She knows how important being a board member is from making important decisions and creating and finding resources for the community. She is thrilled about her new role and happy to serve and support her community!

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