Ler Htoo

Ler Htoo grew up in Mae La refugee camp in Thailand and came to Minnesota in 2009. He graduated from Como Park Senior High School in 2011, and went on to study at Minneapolis Community and Technical College. After that, he pursued an associate’s degree in law enforcement from Hennepin Tech and graduated in 2014. That same year, Ler Htoo joined the Saint Paul Police Department as the first Karen police officer in the United States. He transitioned into a new position with the department two years ago and is now a forensic technician.

Ler Htoo shared that he joined KOM’s board because he wants to learn more about the Karen community, participate more, and see if he can contribute to the community in any way. He also hopes to learn about serving on a board.

Ler Htoo joined KOM’s board in December, 2021.

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