Kaziah Josiah

Kaziah was born in Thailand, in 1995, and immigrated as a refugee to the United States in 2004. She has a BA in Political Science and Economics at St. Olaf College. She is now a Program Manager at The Urban Village, which services to accompany continuing generations of Karen and Karenni youth as they connect, heal, and launch. She previously worked as a Community Engagement Specialist with the Saint Paul Police Department.

Kaziah has always had a passion and drive to work with immigrants and refugee families that struggle to adjust to this country. Her interest in activism stems from personal experience as a refugee. Born into a Karen family, she grew up in Thailand and in America. At a young age, she struggled to understand who she was due to the multiple cultural identities that she has gained throughout her life. Thus, Kaziah became deeply interested in advocacy work in human rights, particularly regarding immigrant and refugee issues.

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