Chri Moo

Chri Moo, Community Health Intern
Phone: 651-202-3106

Chri Moo was born in a Thailand refugee camp and moved to the U.S. at the age of 8. Chri graduated from Humboldt High School and is currently majoring in Community Health at Bethel University, with only one semester left before completing the program in fall 2024. Chri has previous experience working with KOM as a youth tutor for the after-school homework help program. As an intern at KOM, Chri is ready to participate in various events and activities, as well as take on projects, to develop critical thinking, interpersonal communication,  information literacy, and leadership skills. Chri is dedicated to understanding and learning effective methods for providing health education and awareness in diverse settings. Passionate about improving community health outcomes, Chri brings a commitment to making a positive impact through education and empowerment. 

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